eGram Swaraj APK Latest Version v1.7

eGram swaraj is an amazing app. This app was introduced in April 2020 by the ministry. The Government of India has launched this application to encourage Government activity and rural growth. This essential vision is to make the rural area more substantial and ensure the easy excess of rural personalities to government services by launching this digital platform. This app is revolutionary to the way Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) work, constructing extra conduct, a more accessible and more productive part of local Government.

It will scatter autonomy. By doing this, the rural personalities will get direct access to local administration and create an atmosphere where democracy can grow readily.

eGram Swaraj app download
eGram Swaraj app download

What is eGram swaraj?

eGram swaraj shows an effective increase in transparency in local Government works like job activities, development projects, and their reports. This app will provide basic rules for empowering the e governess in rural areas, which are essential in the development of India.

This app is a single terminal that manages the work way of panchayats. And provides them with a way of recording and planning for execution. This app saves all the records of the panchayat of each village. Any person can provide an excess of this information at any time and check the development projects run by the Government. It is an effective way of transparency and may help control complaints against local Government.

The eGram swaraj initiative is an essential step towards building a more inclusive and empowered rural India by leveraging the power of digital technology. Also, enable better governance and service delivery to citizens.

eGram swaraj Features

It has many features that shape it into a productive portal for rural progress.  We are going to describe some features below:

Easily operated interface

The portal has an easily operated interface that shows it easy for citizens to approach government duties and facts.

Online Coaching

This application also launched online coaching to rural bodies on different issues belonging to self-governance and rural progress.

Mobile app

The user can run this app on any Android phone. You do not have to worry about laptops or PCs. All the features of this app are available on Android.

Control panel for watching

It has a control panel for watching the progress of different tasks in the local area. The control panel gives real-time data on different parameters such as the status of works undertaken, financial transactions, and performance indicators of PRIs.


This initiative is vital because it addresses some of the longstanding challenges faced by rural bodies in India, such as poor access to information and services, lack of transparency and accountability in governance, and limited participation in decision-making processes. By leveraging digital technology, the initiative aims to bridge these gaps and empower rural citizens to participate more actively in the governance of their communities.

Real-time observing

The platform allows real-time observation of different projects and programs the Government applies at the local level.

Single window approach

The portal gives people an approach to government duties and details through a single platform.

Collusion approach

It adopts a collusion approach involving multiple stakeholders such as central and state governments, PRIs, civil society organizations, and the private sector. This approach looks to leverage the strengths of each stakeholder and ensure that the initiative is aligned with the needs and priorities of rural communities.

Updated features

  • Workflow allowed
  • Asset’s location visualization
  • multi-tenancy,
  • multiple tenants
  • Strong Authentication
  • Open-Source technologies
  • Web-based


What is the eGram swaraj initiative?

It is an application that gives citizens an online portal to access all the information of Panchayati Raj Institution. They can easily see the work reports of developing projects and other administrative work. The initiative seeks to provide digital infrastructure and services for better governance and service delivery to citizens.

What are some of the critical features of the E Gram Swaraj initiative?

Some of the critical features of this initiative comprise the provision of different online aids to rural personalities, a dashboard for monitoring progress at the local level, a mobile application for accessing services on smartphones, training, and capacity building for PRIs and other stakeholders, and integration with other government programs.

How does the eGram swaraj initiative benefit rural communities in India?

Its initiative benefits rural communities in India by providing them with greater access to information and services, promoting transparency and accountability in governance, enhancing the capacity of PRIs to deliver public services and manage local resources, and empowering citizens to participate more actively in decision-making processes.


This app is a government of India program that targets to launch digital governance and empower rural bodies. The article discusses the key features of the app. Its benefits for rural bodies, the challenges it faces, and how people and stakeholders can participate. The article is a valuable resource for those interested in understanding its initiative. And its potential impact on rural governance in India.

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