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Vidmate is a multimedia player and all-in-one downloader. Play video & audio. Download video, audio, social media content, and much more.

Vidmate MOD APK

Vidmate MOD APK App is a media downloader that was initially designed to download YouTube videos. But now this has become a complete entertainment station that contains all sorts of entertainment in one place. Now it can download anything including videos, audio files, apps, games, documents, movies, and much more. You can download WhatsApp statuses, FB videos, YouTube content, Instagram videos, and video/audio content from thousands of websites. It supports a diverse quality range for video download as you can go for 144p to 1080p quality. Its powerful video-to-MP3 converter allows you to download the audio part of a video. You can get any video from any platform and download it as mp3. It is also your app store. You can download thousands of apps, games, ebooks, etc. Moreover, it also works as a gaming station for online gamers. Players can play thousands of online games here without installing any games. The best part is its powerful media player. This media player can play video of any format & resolution quality. It supports background play of video and can also play this video as audio. The app can also serve as an audio player to play any audio content.

What is Vidmate APK

Entertainment is a need of everyone and a variety of platforms are used as entertainment sources. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter are among the leading names. Here millions of videos are posted every day by users for entertainment purposes. However, these platforms do not allow downloading their videos. Hence, we are offering you Vidmate App a powerful downloader. It can download videos from all the social media platforms and thousands of websites without any restrictions. Moreover, it is also your media player to play videos and audio files.

Features of Vidmate

This entertainment monster has an endless amount of features to ensure non-stop fun. Here are its amazing features.

All-in-one Downloader

It is a complete solution for Android users to download anything from anywhere. You can download video content from social media, statuses from Whatsapp, and media content from thousands of websites. Moreover, it can also download apps, games, movies, and much more.

Whatsapp Status Saver

No need for a Whatsapp status downloader when you have the Vidmate App. It can save all the statuses from your WhatsApp contacts. You can manually download the desired status or set this app to auto-save mode. The auto-save mode will download all the statuses automatically.

All Video Format Support

Vidmate comes with all format support. Whether you are downloading videos or playing videos, it can do the job for you. You can play all popular video formats you like and download videos in these formats for free and enjoy.

Video to MP3 Download

It is not only a video download & multimedia player, but it is also your video converter. Vidmate APK has a built-in video to MP3 converter. It will convert videos directly and you can download YT, FB, and other videos as audio files.

App Store

Find all your favorite games, apps, and Android software in one place. It offers thousands of apps and games in hundreds of categories with one click download. Find the name of any app or game in the search bar and download it with ease.

Built-in Browser

There is an internet browser within this app. It will help you to browse different websites to find videos and media for downloading. Moreover, it gives popular websites as recommendations. Find popular websites and download media content in high quality.

Background Video Play

This feature boosts your multitasking on Android devices and boosts your power. You can play videos in the background to enjoy music or work together. Moreover, its popup feature also enhances your multitasking.

Fast Download Speed

As a downloader, this app maintains high speed for all downloads. Whether you are downloading audio/video or any app/game, it offers a very fast download speed.

Download Manager

Vidmate App has a download manager that allows users to manage ongoing and completed downloads. You can move, remove, delete, copy, and manage all the downloads.

Simple UI

Vidmate APK has a very smart, simple, and easy-to-use UI. All the content is categorized into sections and hot content is shown at the top as recommendations. Moreover, its search option gives you the luxury to find anything with ease.

Download Social Media Videos

This app is a powerful downloader for all social media platforms. You can download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Line, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and others. It also allows you to download only the audio portion of these social media videos.

Download from Thousands of Websites

You can use its built-in browser to access any website and download its content. It can download videos from any website. Moreover, you can copy the link from any other browser and paste the video link into this app’s search bar to easily download the video.

Diverse Resolution Range

This app offers various video resolution ranges for your video downloads. You can choose 140p, 360p, 720p, 480p, 1080p, and even 4K resolution. This diversity of resolutions gives you the luxury to go with the desired video quality.

Audio Downloader

This app also serves as an audio downloader and allows you to download audio content. You can download audio files and music from different music websites. Moreover, it can convert all the YT videos and social media video content into mp3.

Gaming Station

Vidmate has a built-in PlayStation for gaming lovers. In this gaming station, you can play online games in more than 25 categories. Play racing games, multiplayer FPS games, and much more. The best part of this game station is that you don’t need to install these games to play.

Video Player

In addition to downloading services, Vidmate App also works as a video player. You can play videos of all formats with its built-in video player. It supports all popular video formats with quality support from 140p to 1080p. Moreover, it also plays videos as MP3s.

Audio Player

Vidmate APK is an audio player for Android. It can play videos in audio format as well as play all sorts of audio files on your device. Its quality equalizer gives you a personalized music experience. Moreover, it supports MP3 and other popular audio formats.

Batch Download

This app supports batch download so that you can download multiple videos at once. It keeps downloading dozens of videos at a time and allows you to queue upto 100 videos at once.

Private Space

When you access the download manager you will see a section ‘Private Space’. In this ‘Private Space’ you can keep your downloaded videos secure behind a password.

Smart Recommendation

This entertainment maestro works on smart recommendation systems. It tracks your search history, browsing interests, and downloads on this platform. Then this analyzes your interest and brings hot content as recommendations for you.

How to Download Videos with Vidmate

This video downloader gives a simple download process that is suitable for all sorts of users. Here are some steps that will help users to download videos and content from this app.

  • Open the Vidmate App.
  • Use the search bar and search for the video, movie, or song that you want to download.
  • Now from the search results find the perfect match that you want. Tap on it.
  • Play it to check before you download it.
  • Once, you have checked the video, tap on the Download button with the ‘↓’ symbol.
  • It will bring a resolution selection panel. You have to choose the download format either video or audio. Also, choose quality resolution for video or audio quality if you are going with audio format.
  • You can also go for direct download using the ‘Link Method’. Copy the link of video or audio from any social media platform and paste it into the search bar of Vidmate.
  • It will bring the resolution and format selection menu. You just choose the desired format & resolution and complete the download with ease.

How to Convert Video to MP3 in Vidmate

This app works as a powerful video-to-MP3 converter and effectively extracts the audio from any video. You can use it to convert any online video and download audio only for it. Here are steps to do this.

  • Find the source URL of the video and paste it into Vidmate App’s search bar.
  • You can also search for any video with a title using the same search bar.
  • Once, you have the video that you want to convert, just tap on the ‘↓’ button given for this video.
  • It will show you a menu where you have to select the download format.
  • Choose audio or MP3 format here.
  • It will ask you to choose audio quality. Choose the desired one.
  • Tap on the ‘Download button, given at the end of this popup menu.
  • It will start downloading the desired video into MP3 format by converting it into audio.

Pros & Cons


  • Complete multimedia solution.
  • Download all videos.
  • Social media downloads in high video quality.
  • Audio only download.
  • Upto 4K resolution for video downloads.
  • Built-in gaming station.
  • Download apps & games.
  • Built-in browser.
  • Fast download speed with batch support and download manager.
  • Private space with password protection.
  • Direct download by just pasting the source link.
  • Video to MP3 conversions.


  • Third-party app with no legal status as it violates policies of all social media and other platforms that inhibit media downloads.
  • Plenty of ads as it is totally dependent on ads for its income.
  • Not available on iOS.
  • Unavailability on Play Store.
  • May prove glitchy, contaminating, and hazardous for your device.

Vidmate APK Download

This app is not available on any official platform and is only available on third-party sources for Android users. Among many websites, and third-party web stores, this page is probably the safest place to get this app. It is a specially designed app for Vidmate app and does not feature anything else except this app. So we highly focused on this single app and providing users with a secure APK file that is 100% functional. Here are the steps that will help you to get this app.

  • Locate the Download Vidmate mod apk button on this dedicated page of the special website.
  • Tap on it. It will immediately start the process of downloading the APK file of this entertainment monster.
  • Complete the download process and go to the download section of your browser.
  • Find the APK file named ‘Vidmate APK’ and open it.
  • It will prompt some permission modifications, which you must allow in the ‘Security’ section of your Settings.
  • After you customize permissions, open the APK file again and tap the install button to complete the setup of this entertainment app on your Android.


Vidmate APK is an amazing Android app that contains high-quality services and endless feature diversity. You can download videos, music, audio, apps, games, ebooks, playlists, and much more. It has a built-in game station, browser, and app store. You can download movies, social media videos, YouTube content, and WhatsApp statuses. It has a powerful video converter that converts online videos into MP3 and gives you audio only for these videos. You can access thousands of websites in it and download video & audio content. Moreover, this app is also a very good media player to play download videos & audio files. Overall, it is a complete solution for your multimedia and download needs on Android devices.


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