Phone Cleaner App Download APK Latest Version for Android

Phone Cleaner app is one of the essential apps users can use for their devices. Regularly clean the device, whether Android or iPhone. Cleaning reduces the accumulated junk files on your Android phones. The cleaning causes the device to reduce the speed of performance.

These accumulated junk files prevent the addition of new files because these files fill all storage space. Phone Cleaner APK can eliminate all the junk files from the Android device and clean up the phone. This way, a single click lets users clean the device and add many new files to the phone.

Mobile Phone Cleaner

Phone Cleaner APK is a free app. It works superbly to clean up files that are not required for further use. The app mainly works by removing the cache data from the installed apps on Android devices, deleting empty folders, and removing browser histories and call histories. Users can easily search at a glance. Much information is available about the Storage, RAM, and CPU details.

Top Amazing Phone Cleaner Apps

Some of the useful Phone Cleaner apps are given below:

Clean Master

Master Clean is one of the most demanding cleaners among all cleaners of phones. This works to delete junk data, free the storage space from your Android device, and improve the performance of your mobile phone. Many amazing features are available in the cleaner app, like scanning antivirus that protects the data from virus-carrying files. Sometimes, devices become overheated, and this amazing app cools the device properly.

Boosting DU Speed

Additional features like working as an antivirus, adviser of personal computers, internet speed tester, and many other useful features are present in this app. All these features clean the device and manage the system to boost the DU speed. Hence, it can work as a booster of DU speed.

SD Maid

SD Maid is an amazing cleaner to clean the data of Android devices. Maid cleaner can recover some memory and improves the functionality of the device. So, phones work speedily with better functionality. One of the unique features of this app is that it cleans bloated databases and SD cards.

Mac AVG Cleaner

AVG Cleaner is a new application that lets users clean their iOS or Android devices. AVG is a cleaner antivirus app officially developed for computers, but it was recently modified for iOS devices. The main function of this phone cleaner app is to enhance Storage and improve phone performance.

What’s New?

  • Easy User Interface
  • Recover the Storage of phones
  • Improves the performance of Android or iPhones.
  • Boost the speed of devices.

Free Phone Cleaner Download

Download the free phone cleaner app and install the cleaner app on your phone.

  • Connect the Android phone or iPhone to the Personal computer using USB. The app will automatically identify the device and show information.
  • Choose the option of “iOS Optimizer.”
  • The app can scan the stored junk files on the iPhone. A whole scanning process depends on the amount and size of the stored files data within the device.
  • After scanning, users can choose the junk data to delete and press “Cleanup.”


Is it safe to use the Phone Cleaner app?

Yes, it is completely safe to use the Phone Cleaner APK.

Can phone cleaners free up the storage space of devices?

Yes, this app can delete junk files and free up the storage space of phones.


Ultimately, the Phone Cleaner app is one of the great cleaner apps because it can recover storage space and clean the device. Improving the performance and preventing the devices from virus attacks is the unique feature of this cleaning app. So, download latest version of the phone cleaner APK and recover your phone’s storage space with one click.

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