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Round1 is a multi-level entertainment location in front of the Okinawa Convention Center. The first level has a standard arcade: with many games, claw machines, and photo booths. There is a new playground in the South Sound, and it is called Round 1. Now open it.

Round 1 is proud to offer bowling and entertainment guests all entertainment under one roof, Guest bowling, arcade games, including unique Japanese imports. And professional-grade billiards look forward to securing family entertainment or friendly rounds with activities related to Ping Pong, karaoke, and Darts. Round 1 offers various favourite breakfast meals, including pizza, wings, and ice cream.

round1 entertainment
round1 entertainment

Round1 Entertainment History

Round 1 started in Japan, replaced in 1980, and with the help of fans and consumers, the 106 stores successfully increased. In August 2010, the first overseas expansion was targeted to the United States, which opened its first store in California city.

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Round 1 Features

  • According to the Round 1 Marketing Manager, Cleris Bell. We have seen such a big reaction to Washington’s other locations and our imagination in Pylop, providing the perfect settlement and community for our third place.
  • To attain your aim, the team is serious about entertaining and creating a place in Round 1 where friends and families., fellow workers, and couples can spend an extended, memorable time equally.
  • Round 1 continues to increase as it packs all entertainment under the same roof. Users do not need to be limited to one activity because there is something for everyone.
  • Gaming is high in your streets. See their arcade with 300-plus games. Different games pay virtual tickets on your game card that can be released in the Victorian zone for a cold prize. Save tickets from several trips and take away the prize at the high end.
  • Round 1 offers the most critical choices of the latest Japanese arcade sports in the United States, including music and dance games.
  • We aim to develop people with the growth and expansion of the company.
  • We look forward to becoming one of the members of your request!

How to download Round 1?

  • First, click on the download link.
  • Wait a few seconds.
  • You have to allow unknown sources to install applications.
  • Go to the file manager, click search the Round 1, install it, and wait a few seconds.
  • Then you can enjoy the round mode app.

Round1 FAQs

Is round 1 mode secure?

Round 1 is hundred % secure because the application was scanned through our anti-malware platform. And no virus is detected.

How much is the game card in Round 1?

The game card can be bought in the arcade for 2 dollars. Credit loads will be needed before the game. Credit packages are different in price, up to 0.25 dollars per credit.

What are the games of Round 1?

Round 1 Entertainment is an American subsidiary of the Round 1 Corporation, Recreation Centers in the United States. It provides various billiards, darts, ping pong, bowling, karaoke, video game arcade cabinets, ridiculous games, and different Serve food and drinks.


Round 1 Staff and managers join the company to improve our facilities with new ideas and faces. Individuals will be given specific roles to help work in new opening locations or existing stores. Depending on their abilities and skills, employees are developed as general managers in the district manager if you prefer to work in the essential part of round 1, a headquarters position to work with the marketing team.

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