Vidmate 2012 Apk v4.5202

More than 140 favourite apps are used for searching for entertainment and downloading it on your phone. Vidmate 2012 Apk is an altered version of the original vidmate software with many improvements and alterations. For example, here, we have added an auto-download option. This update also has a kids’ safety feature, so your kids won’t see any mature content even by mistake. Vidmate 2012 Apk supports high-quality downloads of songs, Movies, Videos, and pictures. You can indirectly use all social media apps here with built-in connection servers, providing indirect but safe connections. You can open and use TikTok, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, and all other apps. So download Vidmate 2012 Apk now and get direct access to every entertainment-based app or website where you can enjoy content by online streaming or downloading it in local storage on your phone.

What is Vidmate 2012 Apk?

Vidmate 2012 Apk is an online web access provider app that lets you use any online website or social media app through its indirect servers. The connection we provide you is absolutely safe and very secure. You get access to more than 30 Famous apps and unlimited online websites. This app gives you unlimited songs, Movies, and even mature content to watch and download for free. Vidmate 2012 Apk is known for its quality. We never compromise on quality and let you stream and download from normal to average to best quality. You might be thinking, what the best quality for us is? When we talk about the best quality, it means 10880p, 2K, and 4K. Although you can stream and download quality by yourself and change it easily depending on how strong your internet and big phone storage capacity are.


Vidmate 2012 Apk lets you watch unlimited adult content without connecting the VPN with built I secured and protected servers. Thousands of people have downloaded this app to get on the list of paid apps. I suggest you download it when it is free on our website. So grab Vidmate Apk and enjoy downloading all videos and pics from Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube without a watermark. You can download all this content and use it for your entertainment. All the apps and data on them belong to their respective owners, and we do not claim any rights. All the discussion here is only for educational and informational purposes.

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Key Features of Vidmate 2012 Apk

How can we discuss all the features of the most favourite app of the year? We know it has unlimited useful features, but here we will only discuss a few most important and very much-used features of Vidmate 2012 Apk. 

Watch and download Adult Content

This one is the main feature used in maximum when it comes to online apps, especially streaming apps. So in Vidmate 2012 Apk, you get to watch all spics and flavours of Adult content even without connecting VPN. So enjoy all Types of Desi and international Matured content here.

Online streaming in HD quality

Vidmate Apk is software that provides you with Hd quality, including free 2K and 4k downloads. So use it today for downloading high-quality movies, Series, dramas, and audio tracks. When you get offline suddenly then, it will automatically pause the downloads. When your device gets connected to the internet again, it will automatically restart downloads from where you got offline last time, saving your Mobile data and time.

Download in all available forms

When we are about to stream online, we stream in Video format, but when we are about to download something online, we may need more than one format. So use Vidmate 2012 Apk in Mp3, Mp4, JPEG, and much more.

Impressive audio quality available

We have not only worked on online video quality, but Vidmate 2012 Apk is also known to provide you with high-quality audio tracks, which may include songs. However, with your improved version, you can extract audio from any video from youtube here.

Access and use famous social media platforms

we provide secure indirect connection to all famous social media apps like Pinterest, Youtube, Drama and movies websites, Tiktok, Instagram, and more. All you need to do is copy the URL of the content you want to download and then paste it into the search bar of vidmate and check the format and quality of the download and an automatic and quick download will be started.


is vidmate safe for android?

Yes, Videmate is safe to use. It’s important to download it from trusted websites like our VIDMATEAPKMOD.COM.


Vidmate 2012 Apk is free for all of our new and old users; kindly suggest to us in the comment section how we can improve our services and facilitate you better. Share this app and download it directly from our page with a quick download!

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