Vidmate APK Download Install Old Version 4.4706

Vidmate APK Download Install Old Version 4.4706 – sometimes apps get updated, and people find the updated version way more difficult to understand and use. so we are here with old versions of all the apps. Add this page to your favourites because we have a whole collection of old versions of your favourite apps. Today we are providing you with a famous worldwide app called Vidmate Old Version Apk. You might be wondering why people love the old version of vidmate soo much. Well, my friend, there are two main reasons: updated versions require more space on the phone, and the other is that updated versions are more difficult to operate than the old versions o vidmate. We are giving you a virus-free download link of Vidmate Old Version Apk at the top of the page, so download it right now without giving it a second thought. Our page always provides you with secure and reliable apps, so whenever you need an app, don’t think of searching on google and come straight to our website.

What is Vidmate APK Download Old Version 4.4706?

Vidmate APK Download Install is an app for downloading and online streaming different videos, movies, dramas, and seasons. This version of vidmate provides you with so many advantages, as you can change the quality of the downloaded content from 360p to 720p and up to 1080p. It all depends on your phone storage and internet connection. You have full control over the format as you can stream or download any video content or change it in audio form. Naa, my friend’s party doesn’t end here; you can also change the quality of your audio format. Another best feature of Vidmate APK Download Install is that by using it, you can download any video or audio from different social media platforms like Instagram reels, TikTok videos, Youtube videos, and Facebook content. There is no downloading limit. You can download and stream a full movie from youtube or google. Vidmate Old Version Apk has built-in storage to save your downloads temporarily or permanently.


It allows you to have subtitles in multiple languages, including English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, German, and Arabic. You can turn off or on the captions. Vidmate Old Version Apk also gives you full access to all the adult content where you can stream and download mature content. We do not promote any pornographic activities and do not recommend this app to underage kids. All the given information is just for informational and entertainment purposes. With Vidmate Old Version Apk, you can download Hd content. So make sure your phone has this amazing app. It saves your searched keywords to provide a better experience by recommending videos and movies of related genres.

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Key Features of Vidmate Old Version Apk

Vidmate Old Version Apk is a worldwide famous app with more than 3 million users, so there are so many features of this app. Let’s discuss some of its main features of it.

Download Any content through a direct link

With Vidmate Old Version Apk, you can download any video or audio. All you need is to copy the link of that video or pic and paste it into the search bar of this app, and it will automatically start downloading it.

Unlimited Storage capacity for our users

Vidmate Old Version Apk provides unlimited storage to download full dramas, seasons, and movies.

All Content from Netflix and Amazone prime for free

Vidmate Old Version Apk provides you with all the paid and expensive content absolutely for free. So stop buying Netflix subscriptions and grab this app right now.

Children security options 

This is a family-friendly app. If you do not want your kids to come in contact with any mature content, turn on the Kids Safety feature from settings, and your kids can use this app freely.

Vidmate Old Version Apk HD Quality Content

Vidmate Old Version Apk never compromises on audio and video quality. You get the best audio quality. You can download anything with this app in HD quality at the highest speed. The best part is that this app is very lightweight, covering only a tiny space in your phone. And it can work perfectly on even slow internet.

Download ad stream online for free

Vidmate Old Version Apk is a true gift from our side for our precious users. We are making sure to provide all the apps for free.

Vidmate Old Version Apk Conclusion

We have provided you with all the necessary information you might be needed regarding Vidmate Old Version Apk. But if you have any more questions, please ask them in the comment box. If you have any ideas about improving our services, kindly let us know in the suggestions box. We appreciate your efforts and value your words!

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