What is Azure ChatBot


Azure is a cloud computing platform and service offered by Microsoft. It provides a wide range of services, including virtual machines, storage, databases, analytics, networking, and much more.

Chatbots¬†are nothing advanced. They have been around in several forms since the ’60s. However, those chatbots were nought the same that we own this day with machine learning(ML)commutative, which¬†allows them to learn how to interact with users more effectively over time. Many companies compete with their alternative to protrude from the pack, like Microsoft’s Azure platform.

Azure a single, integrated tool for managing, building, testing, and distributing pipelines.

Azure ChatBot
Azure ChatBot

What is Azure ChatBot Service?

Azure Bot helps you to progress, deploy, and host a chatbot.

One of the first objects you need to do is create a chatbot. You can use the Microsoft Bot Framework (MBF) to ease this dreaded task. MBF assist C and Node.js languages for manufacturing use, and you can also use Python and Java, which are already available in the preview. MBF is an open-source project, so you can find all the concepts required to set up a chatbot in MBF on GitHub. And if you need more than that, you can also start quickly applying these samples.

When you use MBF, the chatbot reason. It is summarized and exposed by an API that an external channel, like a mobile app, will consume. When the chatbot is organized in Azure Bot Service, it is easier for the chatbot to be engrossed across other mediums like Facebook, Skype, Twilio, and email.

And if you desire to debug and test your chatbot, you can use the MBF emulator. You can also easily establish from Visual Studio to Azure, but I recommend setting up ongoing formation, which is supported and easy to implement.

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Advantages of Chatbots using Microsoft Azure Bot Service

  • Easy integration with multiple platforms and Free-up your personnel for other essential tasks.
  • High accuracy rate while replying to even complex customer queries.
  • High accuracy rate while replying to complex customer queries and Reducing recurring expenses.
  • Only a one-time cost and A wide range of customized bots.
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