Apna Khata Rajasthan अपना खाता APK land record app Download for Android Mobile

Apna Khata is an accounting App. It works as an Invoice maker, Khata book Invoicing, Billing, Stock Inventory, Ledger Estimate, Expenses management, Stock Inventory, Expense Manager, Bill Making, and Payment Receipt. This app manages the Supplier-customer, a note of debit cards, daily records of the Account books, Hisab kitab, Credit Debit, Ok Credit, Ok Debit, App, creator of Invoice bill, cash flow, Day book, receivable and payable.

Apna Khata App

Apna Khata App is an Invoice Maker app. Accounting APK assists in sending Billing, Invoices, Invoice of Proforma, Estimates, Accounting, Expenses, and Inventory by Hisab kitab App. The Khata app is beneficial for Billing. Free Invoicing APK uses Invoice App and Accounting Software.

Apna Khata Rajasthan

Apna Khata Rajasthan is an app introduced by the third-parties. The Rajasthan Government is not supporting this app. So it can steal your data. You can quickly enter your information like District name, Tehsil, City, or village. The location information is based on the location of the lands.

This land records Rajasthan mobile app is associated with the online portal of Apna Khata Rajasthan and provides real-time information and updates about lands. But, it is not associated, affiliated with, or approved by official owners of accounting apps or the Rajasthan Government.

Apna Khata Features

Sending Payments Receipt

The customers can send or receive a receipt of Payment in Pdf by using Invoice Maker with the help of sharing method accessible on their phone. Inventory, Billing, khata book, Invoicing, ledger book, udhar, and len-den khata


Users can easily purchase their products. They can manage Billing, stock, and inventory of stock.

Inventory App

Inventory APK helps people in sharing and making Invoices. People can send reminders of Payment.


E-Billing app is used for Retail Shop. Hisab Kitab, Vyapar, Zoho Books, transaction books, and Credit apps can use for invoicing and estimating.

Khata number?

A khata number is a number of an account given to a family that indicates the total investment of land of all the family members. The khata number is also called the number. A khewat number details all shareholders, investors, and land owners; The Rajasthan e- Portal of Dharti gives information about khata numbers.


Khatauni gives information about investing pattern of particular land within a family. It tells about the area, number of investors, and khasra land.

Apna Khata is Suitable for

The khata app is suitable for so many businesses. Some of these are mention below:

  • Garment or Cloth Stores
  • Distributors or Wholesalers
  • Paan Shops
  • Cigarettes shops
  • Fruits and vegetable shops
  • Cold drinks shops
  • Tea Shops
  • Tuck Shops or Snacks Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • General Stores
  • Pharmacy and Medical Stores
  • Other small stores.


How can we check the records of land?

  • Firstly, choose the district.
  • Then, Service Centre
  • Choose the Search type
  • And click on search for your query

How can we check the online Land Records on the Apna Khata app?

You can check the online land records by opening your Khata portal.

Is online land record accessible in Rajasthan for all locations?

No, it is not accessible to some locations.


This Apna Khata APK facilitates you to be familiar with the land. This is a land khatoni application. Landlords can acquire information about the investors of their land. People can get full information like names, shareholders, and land locations. The users of the Apna khata राजस्थान app can ensure the details of their Khasra, Records, and Khatauni. People can use this app to understand the accounting system.

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