Fake Call Bomber APK Download Latest Version

Fake Call Bomber APK is an amazing entertainment application that lets you make fun of anyone with your friends, family or unlimited missed and real calls. People get so upset after this call-bomber joke. Call Bomber comes online with many features that make it possible to create unique and attractive jokes.

This app downloads for free and enjoys all the features free. Users can download this app from our web if they face an app that sends unlimited fake calls, messages, and video calls and creates fake WhatsApp chats. Call Bomber is a great program to offend your friends, family or others with unlimited missed calls.

Fake Call Bomber APK
Fake Call Bomber APK

Fake Call Bomber Mod APK

This app has some premium features. But you cannot use them because they will be locked up. Users need to upgrade to the Pro version of this app, and you need to spend money on it. This is also an advertisement-free version. It is a very useful app for you to make a joke or even to bother the person you want with missed calls or messages without any limits. It is an Android application that permits you to make unlimited calls and messages on any phone number with just one click to fool your friends. Also acts like an international bomber, and you can also set the bombing speed. It is essential to be aware of this problem and prevent such attacks.

Fake Call Bomber APK Features

Records audio

This app has a built-in recorder. Users can use this recorder to record calls. There are different recording features, and all these features have advanced features you can get for free.

User interface

This application has a very simple and interactive interface that allows users to understand and use it easily.

Stop spammers

Nowadays, the number of spam callers has increased significantly. In addition, some evil people are unknown to you but keep talking in banned and trash. So to regret them, you can use this amazing app.

The effects of call bombing

Call bombing hunting can have serious consequences. It can cause psychological anxiety, disrupt work or personal life, and interfere with emergency services.

Calling screen

Various calling screens are available. Users can use all the screens in this app. There are numerous screens where you can get different devices and Android versions. These are all free in this latest version.

 Miss Call Bomber

A Miss Call Bomber is an app repeatedly designed to call and hang on to a specific phone number after a call reply. So that the call to the person receiving the call and anger Create, call the Bomber.

Key Features

  • The size is small.
  • Call an unlimited number on any phone number.
  • Excellent user interface.
  • International numbers are supported.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Free to use.
  • Play jokes with your friends.
  • No login is needed.
  • Send more than a hundred messages at a time.
  • Fun and exciting app.

Fake Call Bomber APK Download

  • Users need help finding this app in the google play store, and you can always download it from the website https://vidmateapkmod.com/. Follow these steps are:
  • First, search for this app, click the download button, and wait a few seconds.
  • Allow unknown sources in the setting.
  • Go to the download manager device and click on the Call Bomber APK for installation. Wait a few seconds.
  • Now open this amazing app and enjoy it.


How to save your phone from SMS bombing?

  • First, open messages on your mobile phone.
  • Long press on any message from which you get a lot of SMS.
  • Tab the block button.

Is the Call Bomber APK safe?

Call Bomber is not safe.

Can the service providers block call bombing?

Of course, service providers can prevent call bombings by implementing strong security measures and using special software to detect and prevent such attacks.


Many people are looking for fun-making sources because this kind of source entertains people. You are familiar with the call bomber app and will try it simultaneously. Use all its unique features and then share your experience with other people.

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