Vidmate Apk Download Old version 4.4706

Vidmate Apk Download Old version 4.4706 – We all have this common habit. We scroll through different social media apps for timepass. And wherever we see something interesting, we want to share it. Sometimes we download videos and pics from different platforms. Then we share those downloaded videos as Whatsapp statuses. Some people love and enjoy sending them to their friends and family members. So we are today an all-in-one purpose app called Vidmate Apk Download Old version. This app is very useful, especially for those people who like downloading movies and dramas. You can download them from this app easily in the local store of your phone. So give this app a chance, and Vidmate Apk Download Old version!


What is Vidmate Apk Download the version?

Vidmate Apk Download Old version 4.4706 is an online entertainment-based app where you can use Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok and Pinterest, etc. This app allows you to download with direct links. Vidmate old version is indirectly connected to other social media apps. There are lots of fun features to it. You can download whole movies with quick download attributes. You can download sound and different audio tracks with it. It also lets you choose the quality of your downloads as you can choose on your phone’s Ram storage. It gives you various options like 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p, and even ultra Hd quality. Vidmate old version is also best for people fond of adult content. Vidmate Apk Download Old version provides free Matured content for unlimited time. You can search for all types of mature content without even using VPN. We do not promote any adult content or pornographic content. All the given information is just for educational purposes. If you want to download any short videos. Then you only need to copy and paste the link into the search bar. Then select in which quality you want to download it and then quickly download it to your phone.

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Main Features of Vidmate Apk

Download Old version

Vidmate’s Old version has so many useful features, which we will discuss below. So let us start it.

Download Unlimited Movies and Dramas

You can download unlimited movies and all famous dramas from all countries and even in dubbed languages. It also lets you turn on captions and download the content with English captions.

Download anything from All Social Media Platforms

This app is indirectly connected to all social media apps, including Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Telegram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, WhatsApp, etc. All you need to do is whenever you see something interesting while scrolling on these apps. Copy the video link or pic, paste it into the search bar, and quickly download anything you want.

Download Whatsapp Status

Vidmate Apk Download Old version lets you download the WhatsApp status of any constant number on your phone. even if other people have set privacy setup on your phone, you can still download their status easily.

Download Audio tracks and songs

With the Vidmate Old version, you can download so many different audio tracks and songs of the quality of your choice. Like from low quality, To average to best Audio quality.

Use Youtube directly on Vidmate Apk. Download Old version

We have made youtube available on Vidmate’s old version. This is an altered version of the Original Youtube and works the same as YouTube. You can search, Download, Save and share movies, Dramas, and songs.

Free to access and Download 

Unlike other downloading apps, this app is free for all of our customers. We suggest you download this app before adding it to the paid apps list. Avail the best advantage out of this opportunity.

Watch and Download adult Content for free

With Vidmate Apk Download Old version, you can search all types of mature content and watch it here for unlimited time. You can also download that adult content. The best part is you can watch adult content and download it without a VPN.

Download Full movies and Dramas with Vidmate Apk Download Old version

If you love watching or downloading movies online, this app is best for you. You can easily find all the famous and trending movies here. And with the quick download feature, you can also download it.


We have discussed all of its main features and uses here. There is no need to log in or Turn on VPN for this app. Just download it and start using it freely today. We have designed it in a way that it will work perfectly even with a slow internet connection. So download Vidmate Apk Download the Old version and share it with your other movie-addict friends. Also special;y with female friends who love to watch dramas. See you next time; take care till then!

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